100 Words: Fire

February 18, 2008

Ever since we were little,  our mothers told us not to touch, play, stand next to,  joke around or entice fire. For good reason, no one wants to have their skin burned off. But I didn’t know that at the time. The pretty, bright colors of the hot stove always looked fun to me. So I tried it. And it hurt. A lot.  After that experience I learned to listen to my mother.  In life, especially in our college years, we are repeatedly told to take risks. To defy the customs. But sometimes it pays to listen to your mom.


100 Words for Friday

February 15, 2008

I hope everyone’s semester is going well so far. Today’s word of the day is tricep.

100 Words: Green

February 11, 2008

Summertime mountains are green. Not the green of money or envy, but a deep, pure green. Seeing mountains of evergreen trees and others in their healthiest states doesn’t take you by surprise or startle the eye. Yet it’s a subtle green. Feeling. You can stare at it for days, and it won’t get old. Yet it gets newer and newer.  You find intricacies. Shades. Reflections. Of yourself.  Of nature. A mysticism that doesn’t  grow out of manufacturing and mass production but only the depth of the beauty of nature. That green you see when you look at the Adirondacks,  Himalayas.

100 Words: Blisters

February 11, 2008

Every year it would be inevitable. The start of soccer season meant putting on socks for the first time in three months and cleats that were your size last spring but were now a size too small. The first day was never that bad, after the first two-a-day you always thought you survived.  Until you put your shoes on and starting kicking around the next morning. It feels like someone is picking and twisting your skin with a pair of tweezers. Everyone  claims that they suffer, but you’re always  convinced that yours are the worst.  Skin, dry blood peeling.  Blisters.

100 Words: Tansition

February 11, 2008

He’s four and a half cups of coffee deep. The bags under his eyes from hours of stress, procrastination and fear (individually and together in the vicious cycle) not only grow, but darken by the second. He has everything down on paper. He knows that the comments will be. “Great ideas, you really develop them well! You get an A in terms of thought and idea behind the piece. But the continuity is lacking. You really need to bring this piece together…I think you can so I’ll give a chance to rewrite it.”  He doesn’t want to rewrite. He transitions.

100 Words: Wednesday

February 10, 2008

Wednesday. The middle of the week. The island surrounded by significant days. Wednesday is the middle child – the lemon Jolly Rancher – the runner-up Oscar nominee. It’s too late in the week to start legitimate projects and too early to finish things off and get ready for the weekend. Let’s seize the day– Wednesday. Let’s make it adventure day, rebellion day, get in trouble day, take your shirt off at work day, turn off the movie and do what they are doing in real life day.  Let’s change a day that, well let’s say isn’t very important. And make it ours.

100 Words: Keys

February 7, 2008

You finally get to that treasure chest, after your long quest. It is locked…don’t panic, you know that the key is underneath the chest. All you have to do is lift it, and you have the key to unlock your treasure. Now pause. If you could have any type of lock and key model, which would it be? Would you pick your everyday simple key, or would you choose the big old fashioned, rusty kind? Or how about an electronic key pad with a combination?  Or  you could be extremely hi-tech and pick a fingerprint verifying system.  Oh the possibilities.

(Tuesday) 100 Words: Window

February 6, 2008

When we are indoors, all that we can see is through windows. We assume that they give an clear, honest, and accurate impression of the outside world. A slight change in tinit or tilt or magnification or size or curvature and our view of the world is altered.  How can we trust windows? Who knows who made them? What if they’ve been made to reflect a lighter shade than the real world emits? What if it’s just a big painting on the inside like a facade?  The only way we’ll find out is if we step outside and look in.

100 Words: Victory

February 4, 2008

In it’s most concrete form, victory comes when one party wins over the other. But if we lived that way, defining victory in that limited framework, most of us wouldn’t be winning very often. The greatest victories are sometimes the ones that are beneath the surface, that you must seek. In the movie Friday Night Lights, the head coach says: “there isn’t much different between winning and losing. It’s just what other people think about you.” A win is a win, a loss is a loss, but what happened in the course of the game can make all the difference.

100 Words: Standard

February 3, 2008

Whatever we do is being compared to a particular standard. Our success is not determined by the nature of our feat itself, but rather how it measures up to this standard.  On Super Bowl Day, the best football team reaches the highest standard– winning the Lombardi Trophy.  But tonight, the New England Patriots are on the verge of making history. Not because they may become champions for the fourth time in eight years, but because they may end with a record of 19-0…the perfect season. History strikes when heroes create a new standard. Tonight it stands on Tom Brady’s shoulder.