January 2, 2008

Geographically, Maharastra is in the center of India. Socially and food-wise, it can be considered the midpoint between the North and South of India. Yet despite serving as the intersection of two parts of India, Maharastra has been able to create its own unique cuisine. Mumbai itself has its own food culture. The hustle and bustle city has epitomized street-level dining and fast food culture. The dish pav bhajji is synonymous with the city and surrounding areas. It is essentially toasted buttered bread bun with a zesty, spicy curry made from cooked vegetables and potato. Pav bhajji serves not only as an afternoon pick-me-up for the Mumbai resident, but also a legitimate meal for any time of the day. It is the staple of the street vendors, who pepper the street 24 hours a day in India’s most active city.


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