Quote Response

January 10, 2008

“Writing should serve as the axe for the frozen sea within us.” – F Kakfa

The human mind is a complex labyrinth. A structure the size of both fists together plays host to emotions, memories, knowledge and general disposition. As these different factors combine to form an individual’s persona, they sometimes get tangled together which tightens the inner realm of an individual’s personality. The blend of all these qualities creates this frozen sea within each of us. We are unable to mark distinctions in memories, emotions, and the rest of our mental make-up because they are all interwoven. Writing is the axe with which we can chip away at this frigid outer layer and eventually delve deep within ourselves.

Our thought processes are fast. We are able to receive stimuli from the outside world and convert it into our own response within fraction of seconds. To write is to slow this process down. To investigate closely as to what lies behind these quick, ready-made responses. To chip at the initial layer of ice, and hopefully reach the underlying waters.


One Response to “Quote Response”

  1. tlblog said

    Right,humans are complicated. We have all resources-memories, experiences, knowledges, etc-avaliable in ourselves, we need time to discover them and make them visible to ourselves and maybe others. There are many ways to do, thinking, writing, and talking, but as you say only writing gives us the time to discover about ourselves. Writing is a tool, a very useful one^^

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