Stranger Studies

January 13, 2008

I had two other stranger studies I was considering, but I chose this 4-5 year old girl. I can’t really pinpoint the reason, but there was some magic to her that only little kids have.  Enjoy!

She has plump, rosy cheeks and unusually large brown irises.  She’s small, just like any five year old is. The squeaky, full-effort laugh reveals two missing teeth. And her innocence.
On a chilly Vermont morning, her winter boots thump against the stone as she chases her younger brother around Middlebury’s monument for fallen soldiers. She sheds her parent’s attempts calm her for a minute. She’s going to be a stubborn one.
Fifteen years ago, I would have been the one she is chasing. If her hair were black and her skin brown, it would be perfect. As I watch from my bench, I chuckle upon the memories she and her younger brother will have, just as I have had with my sister.


3 Responses to “Stranger Studies”

  1. ablegrammaticus said

    I like your stranger studies- they’re lovely as pieces, but taken as a whole progression I get the sense of nostalgia even more forcefully. I’m curious if you could try to be more objective in the first two though…

    if you did that however, they wouldn’t function so well together.

    in essence- I like your choices. And your subject (children are so much fun to watch- they’re unabashed)

  2. Cloe said

    Abshek, this is really touching. I love it. And I like how much you throw yourself out there for the last part of the description. Your writing is very close to the reader. It also reminds me of chasing my little brother around at that age! Haha.

  3. salmygal336 said

    I really like your stranger study, especially how you portrayed your relationship would have been with her at her age. You compare her relationship with her brother to yours with your sister which I think is very effective. I always find myself making the same comparison with strangers, or even friends, and noting the similarities and differences.

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