Response to “Sides” from CATHYsBlog

January 14, 2008

I absolutely loved this piece. Just thinking about my experiences and going back to a third-world country in India, she captures the sense of culture shock very well. Here are a few of the quotes that I feel work toward this: “When you land, the world stops glistening.”, “Today in the Western market, digital cameras outsell their outdated 35 mm film counterparts. In a Maasai village, mirrors don’t yet exist.”, and “You loose your balance. You loose your place.” For anyone stood face to face with helpless, begging children can attest to this. In Susan Mitchell’s piece (Notes Toward a History of Scaffolding), she quotes Louise Colet. “What seems to me the highest and most difficult achievement of Art is not to make us laugh or cry, nor to arouse our lust or rage, but to do what nature does- that is, to set us dreaming.” For me, Sides ignites dreams of my past experience and shows that one helpful gesture can help bridge socio-economic and racial gaps.


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