January 21, 2008

I remember the day when we purchased my first bed. Before the age of 6 I was a night-time vagabond, spending nights with my parents, sister or in my old crib. It was a family trip to some store in Cambridge. For some reason, my parents had given me the choice between two beds. Looking back, they were exactly the same…perhaps a slight difference in color. I picked one. In the world of Harry Potter, a wand and its owner are tied together by fate. Maybe for me, something has intertwined my bed and me for the last twelve years.


One Response to “Furniture”

  1. Cloe said

    The way you talk about your childhood view of choosing a bed definitely evokes imagery and a feeling that I can identify with (about the absurdity of choice) from when I was a kid. Ending the short piece with the mystical reference to Harry Potter further depicts the workings of your mind as a kid.

    I think, though, that when you wrote “Maybe for me,” you are taking away from the feeling of the beginning of the piece, which was less reflective and more in the moment of your life before the age of 6.

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