100 Words: Lightning

January 22, 2008

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Or so they say. On a day that commemorates the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr., I beg to differ.  Once in a few generations, lighting strikes just where humanity needs it. Thoreau. Gandhi. King. People of vision who combine the passion and fury of lightning with the essential quality to the wellbeing of mankind: nonviolence. It’s not that these individuals are superior to the common man, but rather they surrender their ego more easily. This selfless nature doesn’t lead to obscurity, but rather the brilliance and power of lighting.


2 Responses to “100 Words: Lightning”

  1. aablog5 said

    I love how you took lightning to a deeper meaning, Abishek. Very cool. I think this idea goes along very nicely with the MLK memorial last night. Lightning struck with King, and now years later others are trying to keep the vision of nonviolence prevalent in our society. If this kind of lightning is going to strike the same place twice, it would be quite beneficial in my opinion. You encourage lots of thought here… I like it. 🙂

  2. Cloe said

    I like your connection between lightning and the reality of today.

    “It’s not that these individuals are superior to the common man, but rather they surrender their ego more easily.” I would have never imagined that sentence connecting to a 100-word piece about lightning, but you did it.

    I think that you could expand this piece. In the same way that you were able to write a compelling story about cricket for your braided essay based on facts, research, and personal experience, you could also write an essay (or media piece) about individuals with the “brilliance and power of lightning.” It could be really interesting. You would get to explore famous (or non-famous) influential individuals who have, in your mind, a larger impact on society.

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