100 Words: Birds

January 23, 2008

I’ve never really been a connoisseur of birds. Not that they all look the same to me, but I’ve never cared enough to learn too much. I love hearing their calls rebound of New England trees early summer mornings. I love that they can fly. But the problem is that one’s relationship with a bird is momentary. If you have food, they’ll come. For a little while, until their full. They eat, maybe sing you a song, and then fly away. Never to return. So you ask me why I don’t take the time to learn their names? That’s why.


2 Responses to “100 Words: Birds”

  1. Allie said

    It was really interesting to read your bird entry after writing my own. Mine was very personal and was about the connection I had to my pet cockatiel, whereas yours was very distant, not even knowing their names. I love how drastic the differences in writing can be, even when we are all writing on the same topic.

  2. rredmond4 said

    I like your explanation for why you don’t care for birds. I feel like a lot of people need to explain why they are not interested in things….maybe it’s because other people are so interested in that same thing

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