100 Word, 5 Minute Summary of Final Project

January 24, 2008

India is known for its variety of food and fine cuisine.  Nearly each of the country’s twenty-eight states has its unique culinary tradition. Unfortunately, a fifth of India’s population is starving. Clearly there is a separation between the rich and the poor. In my final piece, I blame the national government and individual state governments for the state of affairs. I’ve seen the devastation, and anyone who visits India can. It’s everywhere, but the government’s lack of care and action, and ineffectiveness has brought about this dire situation.  Middle and upper class Indians must come to reality and take action.


3 Responses to “100 Word, 5 Minute Summary of Final Project”

  1. Hi, Abshek’s.

    My question to you is: can we really blame only the government? How do leaders get to power?

    I come from Brazil, and the poverty I see in my country is certainly not only due to the government. I’d say it’s a mix of the people, historic background, and certainly bad governance.

    By the way, my sister also lives in the US, and I interviewed her some time ago as she leads a team in India. You might find it interesting.
    Interview with Justine about her work

    Would love to see you developing your ideas in more 100-words!

  2. abshek said


    This is definitely a valid point you bring up here. Obviously the state of starvation in India is not only the government’s fault. There are social and economic factors involved, as India has an intricate socio-economic landscape. My 100 word piece is based of a project we have for school. In my project, I focus on simply the government’s failure in certain respect.

    Interesting interview with your sister.

  3. Hi, Abshek,

    I see. I know about your very interesting school project as I follow your teacher in Twitter and she mentioned how excited she was about everybody’s work in your class.

    I’d love to see you expand your ideas on idea, even going beyond the 100 words as I feel you have so much to say!

    Waiting for more.

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