Want Ad (The Character “You”)

January 24, 2008


A restructuring of the Public Distribution System in India. Suggestions at 978-314-7183




Suddenly Everything has Changed by the Flaming Lips



2 Responses to “Want Ad (The Character “You”)”

  1. Jessica said

    As I mentioned in class today, I got the feeling, upon looking back at my multimedia piece, that the whole thing was essentially a wanted add, and this post suggests that your experience was similar?
    If all writing is, to some extent, coming out of some kind of need felt by the writer, it would seem that any piece could be boiled down and written like one of those adds…
    It would be fun (in a Saturday-night writing game kind of way) to take a popular book and have everyone say what they think the wanted-add version of it is…

  2. abshek said

    I never thought of all writing coming out of some kind of need felt by the writer. That’s really interesting– whatever piece we write, no matter how much narrative distance we have with the reader, we ultimately have a personal investment and a point to get across. This necessity to convey the reader your point, I think, is where the Wanted Ad comes into play.

    The exercise that you mentioned would definitely be interesting…seeing how each person not only perceives a piece of writing, but also responds to it in a personal way, like a Wanted Ad.

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