100 Words: Cranberries

January 27, 2008

They offer Cranberry Cocktail Juice in the dining halls. But that isn’t the same as the cranberries that grow in our backyard. We would go into backyard on autumn days and pick the cranberries. After washing them inside the house, we would eat. At first, the hard outside skin always left me questioning whether it was all just a hoax to get me to eat something as a joke. But soon the explosion of taste that tantalized my taste buds cleared my doubts and before I knew it I had already had 5, no 7– no 12 cranberries. At home.


2 Responses to “100 Words: Cranberries”

  1. aablog5 said

    I love how you ended this 100 words… i could feel how the cranberries had an addicting taste and i was pulled into the moment, but then the “At home” reminded me about how this memory means more to you than just eating fruit. It signifies home. And i like how you make the connection at beginning and end with cranberries’ place here at Midd and at home. Very cool.

  2. acfowler said

    I feel that the “At home” adds a whole new meaning to this piece, although I feel it was kind of forcefully tacked on at the end. I really liked how it contrasts with the dining halls. Very nice.

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