100 Words: Blisters

February 11, 2008

Every year it would be inevitable. The start of soccer season meant putting on socks for the first time in three months and cleats that were your size last spring but were now a size too small. The first day was never that bad, after the first two-a-day you always thought you survived.  Until you put your shoes on and starting kicking around the next morning. It feels like someone is picking and twisting your skin with a pair of tweezers. Everyone  claims that they suffer, but you’re always  convinced that yours are the worst.  Skin, dry blood peeling.  Blisters.


One Response to “100 Words: Blisters”

  1. bgexperiments said

    You capture, in 100 words, a real sense of those shoes wreaking havoc on your feet. The building to the final, twisted words works! I’m a little confused, though, by the many verb tenses–do you see what I mean?

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