(Narrative Closeness)

I don’t know what Colo-Colo is. A Chilean tribe, maybe? I’ve come to the harsh realization that my knowledge is limited. Sure, I’ve traveled to India countless times, but other than that, all that I know comes in boxes. I can tell you useless things like that Devin Hester is the first player to have a 100 rating in any category in the history of John Madden football video games. I simply follow what’s around me. I obey what my sticky notes order me to do. I see smiling a snowman that says happy holidays, so I feel happy. All I know are the things around me. They say “most of us may never step inside the ring, but who doesn’t want to float.” From now on, I may not have the chance to fly, but I’ll float everywhere.


One Response to “Hypertext Pieces”

  1. aablog5 said

    I really like both your hypertext pieces! You use a lot of interesting links like to the article, and of course to Miss Teen USA South Carolina. haha. I liked the narrative closeness one more though, I think, because the floating part really spoke to me and I relate better to personalized things. My favorite line: “My refusal to take no as an answer to my ignorance is taking shape. I shall find a way to travel, to learn, to live. If I cannot fly, I will float.” Very powerful.

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